There are only a few things that can be described as classy. Purchasing a shower for your home is a big decision because it’s something you’ll be using every day for the next 5 or more years. FJORD Bathrooms‘ brilliant shower collection is one such beauty that gives you a showering experience like nothing else.¬†Every shower is crafted to give you a refreshing shower after a long day, with a soulful unison of artistic features and superior performance. From overhead showers to round rain showers, each style, cut, and curve provides a unique experience, transforming ordinary showers into a royal affair. It can be difficult to pick the right shower head. Explore our extensive product line and inject a little whimsy into your bathroom. Showers from FJORD Bathrooms are designed to provide a variety of experiences so you can have the shower of your dreams every time. Our overhead, hand, and body showers are compatible with a wide range of shower kits, showerheads, handsets, arms, and rail kits, all of which are tailored to your specific showering habits, design, and installation needs. If you want to pick your own valves, there’s a wide range of exposed, manual and thermostatic concealed¬† valves available with a variety of finishes.¬†